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Stepping up for our Rural Communities

Rural businesses and communities are critical to funding the services all Manitobans rely on, however they are often ignored.

The Manitoba economy is reliant on the health and success of our rural areas, and prioritizing our communities is a key component to attracting and retaining the services we all rely on.

I have dedicated my career to advocating on behalf of rural businesses in a variety of sectors including agriculture & manufacturing, and have played a role in the success of rural development projects nearing the $250 million mark.

I know firsthand that our farms, grocery stores, pharmacies, and clinics are among the essential building blocks for our rural communities.


I want to see the Midland constituency thrive and I have the experience to tell our stories properly. You all deserve an MLA who will advocate for our communities and their importance to the Manitoba economy.

I will be a strong voice at the Manitoba Legislature to ensure we are prioritized and not forgotten!


~ Lauren Stone

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